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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy as set by our founder Jason Tatalovich is to be kind to the environment while managing the litany of harmful parasites that threaten our health and hygiene. As a conscious consumer, it came to my attention early on that any single product may not be harmful to the human body; however, we are in constant contact with a wide variety of products daily. This stack-up effect can have detrimental affects to our personal health as well as the health of the environment.

Our market for pool clarifiers and all pool chemicals is primarily to the ever-increasingly conscious consumer. We know that consumers want products that are less caustic and intrusive to their family lifestyle and their personal well-being. In addition, we are targeting markets that have a higher propensity to pollute the ecosystem. Environmental regulations and corporate social responsibility are both becoming and ever increasing influence on consumer choice. The bottom line is consumers want to know that corporations are doing everything they can to preserve the environment for their children.

Our Founder

Founder and CEO, Jason Tatalovich, spent most of his professional career in the environmental manufacturing industry. In the mid-90s his Father, Michael Tatalovich, designed and manufactured an oil-water separator designed for small environmental spills. The oil/water separator product was later retrofitted for the US Navy to manage their bilge wastewater. Since then, the oil-water separator has been further modified for various commercial and recreational applications.

In the late 90s, Jason worked for Vortex Chemical, a small company dedicated to managing wastewater through various chemical processes. It was at Vortex that Jason became inspired to learn about chemistry and was compelled to go back to school to further his education in chemistry.

Once completed, Jason and his father, opened a retail bottled water company. He continued with his commitment to offering something cleaner than what was offered locally. Jason and his father sold the business in 2007.

Soon after he left the water industry, Jason began working for EnerFuel, Inc a division of Ener1, to build membranes for high-temperature PEM fuel cells for automotive applications. This project lasted 3 years and was successful on many levels. It was at EnerFuel, that Jason realized his desire to get back to his roots in solving the problem of reducing daily chemical exposure for society. He began to once again develop products in line with what inspired him to become a chemist.

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