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Frustrated with Cloudy Pool Water and Why a Pool Clarifier will keep you Clear 90% of the Time.

Using Pool Clarifier to Help with Cloudy Pool/Spa Water

Finding cloudy pool/spa water no matter what you do it seems lately? Wonder if this an issue with your pool equipment, treatment chemistries, or environmental?  The fact of the matter is keeping a clear pool is not an easy process. And every pool has it own individual characteristics that need to be understood. This article is written to help bring some clarity, pun intended, to this subject of cloudy pool water.

Causes of Cloudy pool water could be a bi-product of the Bathing Load or use of the pool.  Over the summer months, we use the pool more often and most of us wear sunscreen products which intentionally do not break down well in water. This greasy residue attracts pollen, bacteria, and algae which are all causes for the pool’s cloudy appearance.

In addition, the sun is shining longer days of the week and the environment is warmer. Under the right conditions Chlorine will evaporate off and the overall effectiveness of sanitation will diminish until chlorine is added again. The lower chlorine levels and increased sunlight allows for algae blooms to take over.

Other Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

1) Pool Filter

Your pool filtration system is designed to remove particulate from the water.  Each system has its own characteristics and capabilities, but in general the overall design is to maintain the water quality of your pool. When the pool filter is not working efficiently (i.e. flow rate, clogged filter, etc) the circulation is your pool is reduced creating dead spots and stagnation, thereby allowing algae and bacteria to fixate on the pool surface and proliferate.  As a result, your pool water will not appear to be as clear as it could otherwise. Cleaning your filter and monitoring your flow rate on a regular basis (weekly) is very important to good pool health.

2) Chemicals

Improper use of pool chemicals, like too high chlorine, can cause your pool water unclear.  Chlorine will etch your pool walls and literally dissolve in the pool.  Maintaining proper pH is very important to clarity. We discussed the effects of low chlorine earlier.

What are the Solutions?  Most of us buy a home with a pool system already set up and we really don’t have the means or desire to upgrade to the newest technology available.  But there are some tips you can use to get the most out of what you do have and clean up your cloudy pool water.

Pool Filter Maintenance

  • Clean or backwash your filter regularly
  • Check for tears and voids
  • Monitor flow rates

Use a Pool Clarifier for your Cloud Pool

Safe-N-Clean (SNC) Pool Clarifier are formulated to help keep your pool clear throughout the cleaning cycle.  SNC gel technology is designed to slowly dissolve over several pump cycles to ensure your pool has the absolute most concentrated dose for which lasts up to 30 days under normal pool conditions and less (2-3 weeks) under heavier loads.  The gel works to gather particles, bacteria, and algal spores together, so they become large enough to be trapped in the filter instead of being able to pass through and attach on your pool surfaces and create a propagation point and food for other algal blooms.

Conclusion No matter if you have a spa, in-ground, or above-ground pool, you can make sure your pool stays clear. All you need is a pump and filter to circulate the water in your pool.  We now know we can control chemical and cleaning cycles to ensure our pool is optimized.  And we also know we cannot control environmental factors; we can make sure our pool is protected with Safe-N-Clean Clarifier blanket.  The difference is clear.


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